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For over 40 years, Tenco Hydro has specialized in the design and supply of wastewater treatment solutions for industry and municipalities. Tenco Hydro designs are based on physical/chemical processes including chemical conditioning, neutralization, dissolved air flotation clarification and thickening, scum and grease concentration, gravity clarification and oil - water separation, among others.

The right solution will provide both performance and value. The right solution could be an individual piece of equipment or an entire system.  Value is added by designing in sensible operation, with emphasis on practicality, flexibility, reliability and longevity. These are traits we strive to include in every Tenco Hydro project.

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Industrial Applications

Food Processing
Metal Products

Municipal Applications

Scum Concentration
 Batch Grease Processing
Sludge Thickening


Dissolved Air Flotation
Scum Concentrator
Heated Batch Process Tank
Coalescing Separator
Gravity Separator (API)
Oil Skimmer
Clari-Pac G Clarifier
Other Equipment

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