Clari-Pac C Coalescing Oil Water Separator

CPCnewsR1(300h)The Tenco Hydro Clari-Pac C is used to separate free floating oil in wastewater. The influent energy is dissipated and evenly distributed as it enters the coalescing chamber, where coalescing media produces a weaving flow pattern to promote contact and coalescence of smaller oil globules into larger sizes. The increased rise rate due to the larger globule size optimizes separation efficiency. Clari-Pac C sizing is determined by using the applicable rise rate for the oil globule size, and other guidelines per the American Petroleum Institute (API) Publication #421. The result is excellent oil removal in a smaller footprint than is needed for basic gravity separation.

Oil collected on the surface is removed using adjustable weirs for automatic decanting. When the wastewater contains significant settlable solids, an integral sludge hopper is provided below the coalescing chamber where sludge can be collected and removed as required. Pumps for oil and sludge transfer, with and without controls, are available options.

When emulsified oil is present in the wastewater, de-emulsification is necessary for improved removal efficiency. This is usually done with chemicals.  Chemical feed equipment, mixers and mixing compartments are commonly supplied options.

Other options, such as materials of construction, covers and other customized features are available. All options provided with Clari-Pac C units can be factory preassembled into a complete module that minimizes installation time and expense.


Industrial Applications

Food Processing
Metal Products

Municipal Applications

Scum Concentration
 Batch Grease Processing
Sludge Thickening


Dissolved Air Flotation
Scum Concentrator
Heated Batch Process Tank
Coalescing Separator
Gravity Separator (API)
Oil Skimmer
Clari-Pac G Clarifier
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