Our Approach


We take pride in providing our customers with individual attention to their specialized wastewater needs.  The following defines our approach to every project.

Conceptual Design

Whether a project starts with a blank sheet of paper or only needs a new component to improve performance, a thorough understanding of the application is the key to a successful outcome. Tenco Hydro has the capability and experience to evaluate and recommend the best solution to meet the effluent discharge limit(s) of each application. 

System Design & Supply

When an application requires a complete system design to meet specific discharge limits, all appropriate processes are considered to create the most practical solution. Engineering services include design/selection, procurement and supply of all components for the complete system, from influent collection to effluent discharge.


Tenco Hydro equipment is based on standard design features and sizes. Modifications are usually necessary to suit specific process requirements, site conditions and customer preferences. Pipe sizes, orientation, features, accessories, controls, instrumentation and materials of construction will vary for each project.

Preassembled Modular Design

Some systems benefit from being supplied as preassembled Process Modules. In the same way that individual pieces of equipment benefit from factory preassembly, so can a complete system having multiple modules. Module sizes are normally determined by handling and shipping constraints, and also site requirements. Factory preassembly for multiple system components, using a modularized approach, will minimize field assembly and installation.


Industrial Applications

Food Processing
Metal Products

Municipal Applications

Scum Concentration
 Batch Grease Processing
Sludge Thickening


Dissolved Air Flotation
Scum Concentrator
Heated Batch Process Tank
Coalescing Separator
Gravity Separator (API)
Oil Skimmer
Clari-Pac G Clarifier
Other Equipment

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