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For over 40 years Tenco Hydro has supplied numerous POTWs with effective, reliable and durable process equipment, such as Scum Concentrators (Clari-Scum), with and without Batch Process Tank (ThermMix), Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Sludge Thickeners and Clarifiers (Clari-Float).

Scum & Grease Concentration

Scum and grease collected from primary clarifiers at the POTW, or from septage haulers tankers, are typically in diluted form, which requires concentrating prior to disposal in dumpsters, or subjected to further processing. Removal of excess water is beneficial in reducing disposal cost, or for further processing requirements. Clari-Scum Concentrators have proven to be most effective and reliable in this application. For more efficient grease capture and concentration, Tenco Clari-Float DAF is sometimes used.


A 200 gpm stainless steel unit concentrating scum to a minimum of 50% by volume for disposal.


Concentrating grease and scum from primary clarifiers and discharging to a heated batch tank for further processing.


All stainless steel Model SCM-060020 concentrator for 200 gpm flow with heated batch processing tank, instrumentation, controls and other accessories.

Batch Grease Processing

When used in conjunction with the Clari-Scum Concentrator, the Thermix Batch Processing Tank system offers the benefit of improved scum handling. As scum is discharged from the scum concentrator and accumulates in the batch tank, it is heated and blended to a consistent mixture. The resulting homogenized fluid improves pump handling for transfer.


Water heated, insulated Thermix tank custom designed to prepare concentrated grease for further processing.

Sludge Thickening

Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) from biological processes requires thickening for further processing. Dissolved Air Flotation Thickeners (DAFT) are an effective method of concentrating WAS from a typical concentration of about 0.5% to 5% or higher, with solids capture in excess of 95% with the use of polymeric flocculant. Lower sludge concentrations and solids capture are achieved without the use of flocculant.


A 30 ft. diameter Clari-Float Model CCF-3000 DAF thickener for 500 gpm


A Clari-Float Model RCF-100030 rectangular steel DAF thickener.


Clarification using DAF is an effective process for separation of sloughed biomass from biotower treatment, and algae generated from lagoon treatment. Chemical flocculation is often needed for improved performance.
DAF can also be used as the secondary clarifier in Waste Activated Sludge Process.


One of two Clari-Float units provides final clarification of up to 2275 gpm effluent from a biotower treatment process prior to discharge to surface waters.


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