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Tenco Hydro has designed and supplied wastewater systems for many applications in a wide range of industries. Applying our varied experience to new challenges allows us to successfully address each unique application. Systems are designed, supplied and sometimes installed by Tenco Hydro to best suit our customers requirements.

Food Processing

Wastewater from food processing facilities typically contain high concentrations of FOG (fats, oils and greases), TSS (total suspended solids) and BOD (biological oxygen demand). These contaminants must be reduced to meet sewer limits and/or to  minimize applicable sewer surcharges of the POTW (publicly owned treatment works); or to enhance further treatment processes. Tenco Clari-Float DAF (dissolved air flotation) has been the process of choice for this purpose. Chemical conditioning is sometimes necessary. Valuable by-products can be recovered without the use of chemicals.
Tenco Hydro has supplied modular DAF systems and stand-alone units for many different types and sizes of food processing applications. Circular and rectangular configurations, manufactured in steel and stainless steel, have been installed. Some common applications are listed below.

  • Prepared Foods – Pre-cooked and packaged


    Clari-Float Model RCH-050015 DAF unit as part of a modular system.

  • Frozen Foods – Prepared and frozen


    Two Model RCH-120055 Clari-Float DAF units designed to treat 1400 gpm each.

  • Red Meat – Slaughter and trimmed


    A Model CCF-4500 Clari-Float DAF unit used as a primary separator for by-product recovery.

  • Poultry – Slaughter and trimmed, fresh or frozen


    Tenco Model RCH-100050 Clari-Float DAF cell and chemical conditioning module treating a wastewater flow of 700 gpm.

  • Bakery – Cakes, cookies, pies and bread


    Model RCH-085030 Clarif-Float DAF treats 150 gpm wastewater flow after chemical conditioning.


    A Model CCF-0925 Clari-Float designed for 90 gpm flow rate.

  • Dairy – Milk products, ice cream and cheese


    A Model RCH-060017 Clari-Float with chemical conditioning module.

  • Confections – Candy and chocolates


    Model CCF-1000 Clari-Float is part of a complete modular pretreatment system for an ice cream specialties manufacturer.


Maintenance, fueling and staging areas generate wastewater whether the vehicles travel on roads, on rails or in the air. Transportation equipment needs maintenance. Facilities that do the maintenance create wastewater with high oil and grease content and solids that need to be removed or reduced before discharge to a POTW. Tenco has successfully treated wastewater from transportation facilities with API type and Clari-Pac C coalescing oil-water separators, Clarif-Float DAF, Skim-Kleen belt oil skimmers and Clari-Pac G clarifiers with and without chemical conditioning.

  • Maintenance Facilities


    A Clari-Float Model RCH-060017 with chemical conditioning constructed of stainless steel treats a 125 gpm wastewater flow.


    Clari-Pac C Model CPC-7048 designed to separate oil from a 75 gpm wastewater flow.


    A Model TS-124 Skim Kleen with transfer equipment is designed for outdoor service.

  • Fueling Facilities and Rainwater Run-off


    Model GOS-060040 API oil water separator is a key component of a customized system to recover diesel fuel.


    Model CPC-7048 Clari-Pac C is designed to separate diesel fuel from water at 100 gpm.


    Model TS-124 Skim Kleen belt oil skimmer weathers the cold in a railyard.

Metal Products

Metal products manufacturing generate wastewater from plating, cleaning, and rinsing operations, which contain contaminants such as greases, dissolved metals, trace organics, coatings and other suspended solids. These must be removed or reduced before discharge. The level of treatment is determined by effluent water quality as dictated by the receiving POTW, or surface water. Tenco Hydro has utilized a range of process equipment to treat a variety of wastewater from metal products manufacturing.

  • Metal Forming and Plating


    Clari-Pac C coalescing oil water separator Model CPC-7040 as part of a factory assembled modular system for chrome reduction.


    Seven module system includes a Clari-Float Model RCH-060017 DAF cell and custom process modules.


    Clari-Pac G clarifier Model CPG-100 is part of a three module pretreatment system.


    Custom treatment module for Chrome removal.


Wastewater flows from petroleum refining operations are relatively large and contain high levels of free oils,  which are captured and reprocessed using API oil-water separators. Settled solids accumulated in the separators are mechanically removed. Waste streams containing solids and emulsified oils are usually treated by chemical conditioning followed by Clari-Float DAF clarification. Skim-Kleen belt oil skimmers are appropriately used in the plant areas where free oil tends to accumulate.

  • Refining and Chemical Production


    Model GOS-080029 gravity oil separator at a refinery.


    Clari-Float Model CCF-1000 circular DAF treats 125 gpm wastewater flow.


    Model TS-124 Skim Kleen belt oil skimmers with transfer equipment ready for shipment.


Manufacturing of electronic components create wastewater containing contaminants that vary with the manufacturing process. Treatment can be simply pH neutralization, or requiring treatment processes similar to that of metal products manufacturing.

  • Electronics Component Production


    Five module system using Clari-Float Model RCH-050015 DAF cells


    Custom pH neutralization system for 50 gpm.


Industrial Applications

Food Processing
Metal Products

Municipal Applications

Scum Concentration
 Batch Grease Processing
Sludge Thickening


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Scum Concentrator
Heated Batch Process Tank
Coalescing Separator
Gravity Separator (API)
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