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Tenco Hydro has been committed to providing its customers with practical and reliable solutions for their wastewater treatment problems since 1971. It was then that Tenco designed and supplied its first dissolved air flotation system (DAF) for soybean oil recovery using the recognized technology of the day. It was also then that the continual process of improving designs began for performance and reliability for use in municipal sludge thickening, industrial clarification and by-product recovery.

In 1974, a DAF design with new flow distribution features was introduced. The new inlet features improved the mixing of depressurizing recycle flow with the wastewater and distributed it more evenly for optimum use of the DAF cell. Continued development resulted in the proprietary, and effective pyramidal inlet structure we use today. That same year, a new recycle pressurization system design was unveiled. It produced solubilization efficiency that exceeded any other available. The combination of superior recycle pressurization performance, flow distribution and mechanical improvements got a name in 1976. Clari-Float was introduced.

Tenco introduced the Skim Kleen belt oil skimmer in 1977. It lead the way to other advances in oil and grease separation. Our first gravity scum concentrator was installed in 1982 with our first API oil water separator following in 1983.

Scum/grease concentrators delivering higher float concentrations were introduced in 1989 and have become the point of comparison for this type of equipment. Heated batch process tanks, for improved grease handling, have been used with Tenco scum concentrators since 1990. Continued refinement of both has resulted in the Clari-Scum concentrators and Thermix batch process tanks.

Throughout our history, we have frequently been asked to design specialized equipment and systems to address a particular problem. One example is the development of oil concentration and transfer packages for the Skim Kleen. Designed at the request of a customer, it is now a common option. The origins of the Clari-Pac C coalescing oil water separators and Clari-Pac G clarifiers are also found in these systems.

At Tenco Hydro, development of customized solutions is ongoing. They are based on sound engineering principles and proven practices. Each process is evaluated in order to suggest the best possible solution, in terms of scope and price, whether it is for a system component or the whole system.


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